Security Assessment

How secure is your organisation?

New malware and threat actors are continuously emerging which is why pen testing and security assessments should not be treated as a one-off activity. As the threat landscape changes, it’s crucial that your cyber resilience remains up to date and in step to address both threats and regulatory compliance. Believing that your existing security defences will always protect you against any threat, all most certainly leaves you exposed to attack and systems breach.

How Kiwi Can help

Our Threat Assessment Service provides a comprehensive review to validate your current security and compliance posture. This non-intrusive analysis of your IT environment will identify which assets are at risk across your organisation, including any incidents detected during the assessment.

Our security experts will provide a detailed report highlighting security weaknesses identified in your organisation, which are mapped to actionable recommendations and prioritised by their impact. This helps shorten the time to mitigate or remediate vulnerabilities to improve your security and compliance posture.

Ongoing Security Assessment Services

We also offer a pro-active approach by regularly scheduling this Security Assessment – quarterly, biannual or annually, which can be delivered in conjunction with our penetration testing services or as a standalone engagement. So, as the threat landscape continually changes, our recommendations also change as we regularly collect information from your environment and correlate this against the latest emerging threats. Please contact us for further information on this service.

Microsoft 365 Security & Compliance Alignment

Microsoft 365 licensing, used by the majority of organisations, provides comprehensive security and compliance solutions which align with many cybersecurity protection standards. Their holistic and integrated approach covers the four key pillars of identity and access management, threat protection, information protection, and security management, that work together to keep your IT and data environments secure.

Our Microsoft experts can assess your current Microsoft 365 licensing subscriptions to map these security and compliance controls available to you. This can be provided as a one-off engagement or in conjunction with our pro-active approach to pre-scheduled Penetration Testing, Security Assessment and remediation services.

Not only will this remediate risks and threats highlighted in our security assessment and testing services but can also help you achieve compliance with many regulations and certifications, such ISO27001, Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus.