Pen Testing

Can hackers penetrate your security defences?

As cyber attacks seemingly increase in number and sophistication, making sure systems and data remain protected must be regarded as a top priority for all organisations. Left unchecked, you remain exposed to emerging vulnerabilities that puts the organisation, users and your customers at risk of potential compromise, significant financial loss, regulatory fines and reputational damage.

How Kiwi Can help

Working in partnership with a leading UK cyber security practice, to CREST certification, Kiwi provides comprehensive security assurance services built around penetration testing, incorporating ongoing security assessments and remediation services.

This provides clear and continual understanding of your threat landscape, identifies known and unknown vulnerabilities, plus a rolling plan on how to mitigate the threats and improve your security posture.

Penetration Testing Services

Delivered by CREST, CHECK and Tiger Scheme certified security experts, our robust security testing methodologies are tailored to the individual needs of the client and extend across infrastructure, applications, people and processes. They use the same techniques of a real-world hacker, but in a controlled environment, to identify vulnerabilities and potential risks across your entire organisation. These can be conducted both externally to identify vulnerabilities visible to attackers over the internet and internally to identify exploits visible to insiders, contractors and partners with potential malicious intent.

Each engagement is followed up by a debrief session to ensure our report on all identified issues and remediation is understood. We provide services to retest and validate remediation of vulnerabilities identified in the penetration test to ensure your defences remain secure.

Our pro-active pen testing as a service goes one step further, providing regular testing (quarterly, biannual or annually) to continually identify, report on and remediate new vulnerabilities within your environment, before an adversary exploits them.

Microsoft 365 Security & Compliance Alignment

Microsoft 365 licensing, used by the majority of organisations, provides comprehensive security and compliance solutions which align with many cybersecurity protection standards. Their holistic and integrated approach covers the four key pillars of identity and access management, threat protection, information protection, and security management, that work together to keep your IT and data environments secure.

Our Microsoft experts can assess your current Microsoft 365 licensing subscriptions to map these security and compliance controls available to you. This can be provided as a one-off engagement or in conjunction with our pro-active approach to pre-scheduled Penetration Testing, Security Assessment and remediation services.

Not only will this remediate risks and threats highlighted in our security assessment and testing services but can also help you achieve compliance with many regulations and certifications, such ISO27001, Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus.