On-premise IT Support Services

At Kiwi, we understand the constant fluidity of the working world, which is why our On-Premise IT Support Services are attuned to making sure your business gets everything it requires.

We provide a range of virtual IT Management, offering full time onsite IT services which also include acquisition IT handovers and a change in management.

We understand that in order for business processes to run as smoothly as possible, it’s important that on-premise IT Support can take place without the need for additional licences.

That’s why our on-premise services are delivered in such a way that we can provide a tranquil, smooth running operation at all times.

Kiwi IT Solutions – IT Support and TUPE in the modern world

When TUPE Regulations were updated on 31st January 2014, every organisation had to maintain contractual agreements from previous ownership.

At Kiwi, we understand the corporate responsibility in protecting the rights of employees when a business has changed from one owner to another.

Our on-premise IT support services provide everything that is required to accommodate for these changes, and give you everything required to adhere to the appropriate legislations.

If you’re looking for a high quality service that can take your on-premise IT support to the next level, we’d be more than happy to help. Call us today on 0121 399 0050 for more details.