Modern Workspace

Transform to a Modern Workspace

A new generation, changes in technology, a globally dispersed workforce and renewed company cultures are transforming the very nature of teamwork. Teams are becoming more fluid, responsive and diverse. In order to deliver the best results new principles, new tools and new technologies are vital to empower users and teams.

Kiwi understands that transforming to a modern workplace environment requires a holistic strategy that brings together technology, operations and cultural adoption to release the true potential within their workplaces and employee productivity.

Kiwi can help you redefine your workplace to deliver improved mobility, collaboration, and security with Microsoft’s Modern Workplace solutions. We’ve helped 100’s of organisations improve employee productivity by empowering them to quickly build custom apps and automate processes, enhance user and client engagement through seamless communication and collaboration across all locations and platforms, whilst maintaining security and integrity of all systems and data.

Creating Seamless Collaboration

Modern collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams and SharePoint are a hub for Teamwork, bringing together everything a team needs. Colleagues can stay connected with each other and their customers from anywhere, on any device via chat and threaded conversations, audio and video calls and meetings. Share and collaborate on documents and workflows securely in real time, plus quickly create and integrate apps and automate workflows themselves to enhance productivity.

Integrated Workflow Automation

The Microsoft Power Platform enables organisations to automate time consuming tasks by using the built in AI capabilities that integrates with 100’s of applications. By quickly building powerful dashboard reporting capabilities, create custom applications with no code tools and streamline workflow processes with rapid automation, you can quickly boost productivity and accelerate the flow and accuracy of information. This gives employees more time to focus on innovation than administrative tasks.

Intelligent Security

Microsoft Integrated Security takes a holistic approach to securing your organisation’s IT and data with comprehensive visibility and control over your environment. It provides the insights to proactively defend against advanced threats, across networks and systems to endpoints, whilst seamlessly providing data protection and compliance capabilities, no matter where your data travel, inside or outside of the organisation.