Hosted Desktops / VDI

UK Based, Tier 4 ISO27001 locations providing bespoke and personalised cloud solutions. We are duly certified and accredited from a wide variety of vendors and this allows us to provide cloud computing at its most flexible.

Whether you’re an established enterprise with decades of experience, or a business looking to grow and expand, our bespoke hosted desktops means your workforce can operate in any place in any location, all on their favourite devices.

Kiwi IT Solutions – Providing a Better Way to Work

Our cloud computing services mean we’re able to provide organisations with the fluidity and manoeuvrability, necessary to excel in the global work environment.

Our bespoke cloud solution limit the cost of hardware as well as improving productivity, empowering employees and therefore empowering organisations.

Accompanying these products is also a first-rate service tailored to every Kiwi client. Our goal is ultimately to create a bespoke service aligned with our clients’ current infrastructure.

Whether there are requirements for specific applications, or a necessity for an entire office package, our long standing relationship with a variety of vendors means we can provide a bespoke hosted desktop service like no other.

For more information on any of the bespoke hosted desktop capabilities for your organisation, call us today on 0121 399 0050 as we’d be happy to go through how we can help you.