Data Centre Design & Systems Management

Data Centre System and Management at Kiwi IT Solutions

With our comprehensive IT support for organisations via our in-house, highly accredited consultancy team, we can provide you with a range of data centre systems that can help in terms of both management as well as IT solutions.

Due to our long lasting experience in dealing with an eclectic range of data centre systems, we can provide you with a first rate service that is able to look after your telecoms as well as your back-up and storage.

This means we’re able to alleviate an organisation from a wide variety of processes to free up time so it can concentrate on more central business goals.

At Kiwi we can accommodate for a range of data centre levels that currently include any system up to tier 4. So, whether you’re looking to outsource your data centre management for the first time or are instead in pursuit of a new partner to outsource to, Kiwi IT Solutions can provide you everything you need to take your data centre management to the next level.

All of our systems work hard to create 99.995% availability and with our high accredited consultancy team, we can provide you with everything needed to take your organisation to the next level. For more information on any of the data centre system management that we provide call us today on 0121 399 0050.