Cyber Essentials

The Cyber Essentials Scheme

The Cyber Essentials scheme, launched in 2014, has been developed by Government and industry to achieve two clear objectives. It defines a clear framework for all organisations, large and small across all sectors, for implementing the basic cyber security controls to mitigate the risk from common internet based threats.

Secondly, this assurance framework offers a certification for organisations to demonstrate publicly to customers, partners, insurers and others that they have taken these essential precautions to improve their defenses and reduce their vulnerability.

The certification provides a focused set of 5 security controls that, according to the UK government, when implemented correctly could prevent around 80% of cyber attacks:

Boundary firewalls and internet gateways – these are devices designed to prevent unauthorised access to or from private networks.

Secure configuration – ensuring that systems are configured in the most secure way for the needs of the organisation.

Access control – Ensuring only those who should have access to systems to have access and at the appropriate level. Malware protection – ensuring that virus and malware protection is installed and is it up to date.

Patch management – ensuring the latest supported version of applications is used and all the necessary patches supplied by the vendor been applied.

Cyber Essentials certification

There are two certifications available for the Cyber Essentials Scheme:

Cyber Essentials – awarded on the basis of a verified cyber security self-assessment which Kiwi can guide you through.

Cyber Essentials Plus – on top of the self-assessment, this requires our experts to provide more rigorous external vulnerability testing and on-site assessment of cyber security practices.

How Kiwi Can Help

Kiwi has undergone both processes within our own business to achieve Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus certification, plus guided 100s of businesses across all sectors to also achieve accreditation.

Let our experience and expertise guide you through the assessment and verification process using our proven methodologies, advice and support to quickly achieve certification and peace of mind.

Contact Kiwi to today to discuss your cyber security requirements.