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Is Your Organisation Future Ready?

The way businesses work today presents many risks and challenges, yet the case for digital transformation has never been so compelling. The global pandemic is accelerating how businesses re model and re think their IT capabilities to adapt and become more resilient, agile and secure.

Technology is a key driver for growth

More than ever, IT strategies must be closely aligned with business strategies and outcomes. By placing strategy before technology, Kiwi delivers the skills, experience and capacity needed to assist organisations with building practical strategies that deliver organisational IT re alignment to achieve business outcomes faster.

Kiwi helps you break the chains of outdated IT systems and processes to re think how technology can encourage positive disruption that better positions you for the future. This is the catalyst to increased productivity and efficiencies, facilitating new and improved goods and services.

Kiwi’s consulting services are designed to accelerate the adoption of more agile, resilient, and secure IT platforms and services that enable digital maturity and transformation to new business models. We combine proven technology, tested methodologies and initiatives that unleash the power of fully integrated solutions that ready your business and people for the future.

Any transition should be broken down into a series of logical steps that together represent a roadmap which can be delivered in stages and at a comfortable pace. Naturally, it requires careful analysis and planning, alongside evaluation of your technical and business goals to ensure a strategy for success.

Get Insights from Our Experts

Our tailored consulting services can help you no matter where you are on your journey:

  • Current State Assessments & Optimisation: deliver efficiencies across existing IT systems, applications, support models and processes through assessment, realignment, and optimisation.
  • New Technologies & Innovation: Assess and demonstrate new technologies and initiatives that align with business outcomes to deliver greater value and growth.
  • Automation & Orchestration: Assess and automate working processes to drive value, plus orchestrate IT operating models.
  • Compliance & Security: Identify and mitigate risks, and harden your posture through assessments, recommendations, and strategies.
  • DR & Business Continuity: Assess, stress test and deliver more resilient operating platforms to reduce downtime.