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Microsoft’s Azure cloud services represents huge benefits and a transformational moment for most organisations. The chance to change the game on speed-to-market, unlocking efficiency, inspiring innovation, and being more responsive to customers and new market opportunities.

However, a lack of knowledge and confidence surrounding the correct approach to cloud migration often stands in the way of capturing the cloud opportunity. Migrating IT resources and services to Azure involves significant organisational change management spanning people, process and technology.

Taking a holistic approach is crucial to help you successfully navigate the journey and ensure that your organisation can leverage the benefits of efficiency, agility, scale and innovation, once your workloads are running in the cloud.

How Kiwi Can Help

As a proven Microsoft Gold Partner, Kiwi’s team of cloud professionals have the expertise, in-depth knowledge and years of experience in building out both simple and complex Azure cloud environments for clients, all of which have very different needs, budgets and motivations.

Our Approach

Our proven methodologies and well-orchestrated frameworks fully support the planning, migration, optimisation, security and management of your Azure cloud services. This not only ensures a successful, stress free transition that achieves the defined outcomes, but also makes sure your investment continues to deliver the ongoing benefits and opportunities offered within the Azure cloud.

Kiwi’s certified team of cloud consultants and engineers can help you every step of the way. Depending on your needs, we can get you started with our thorough Cloud Readiness Assessment services, which provides a comprehensive, independent actionable roadmap to deliver your cloud transformation strategy. You can then put this into action yourself or use Kiwi to manage this transition and undertake your migration.

Ongoing Support

Post migration, Kiwi can provide a range of comprehensive in-house managed cloud services, covering 24/7 systems monitoring, pro-active maintenance and support, plus ongoing cost analysis and optimisation. This gives peace of mind that your cloud resources continually remain cost efficient, robust, secure, compliant and optimised, maximising your cloud investment.

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Whether you are just starting out with exploring the benefits of Azure cloud services for your business, or need to optimise your existing Azure services, Kiwi can help you maximise your cloud investment. You will benefit from a results orientated, consultative approach, focused on delivering key business outcomes, and underpinned by a reliable and cost-effective solution that is specifically architected for your business.